Beautiful as the name connotes, Jumeirah is located on the coast of Dubai, known for its residential area with low-rise houses, including expensive and huge properties. The architectural style of the houses boasts of a variety of peculiar architectural styles.

Known as the Beverly Hills of the Middle East, Jumeirah is a popular niche for working expatriates as well as tourists, and a hub of many luxury hotels, including at the Jumeirah Beach and Jumeirah City. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is next to the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

It is claimed to be the most expensive areas to live in Dubai, what with exorbitant rents on studios and apartments. With pet boutiques and pet shops, Jumeirah is a good option for your pets.

The Dubai International Airport is 20 kilometre away. Dubai Metro Station, taxis and buses are at your disposal to travel anywhere in Dubai. If you plan to enroll your ward at an international school, numerous British and American schools have been established within the three phases of the region.

The nearby attractions include The Dubai Fountain – the world's largest choreographed fountain system on Burj Khalifa Lake (6 km) and Dubai Zoo. The Cruise Terminal at Port Rashid, which is 11 kilometres from Jumeirah, is one of the top five luxurious ports, which also houses deli and lunch outlets, a coffee bar, a currency exchange office, an ATM, free Internet in the business centers, two free shopping shuttles and more.

Get an insight of Islam with a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the handful of mosques in UAE that is open to non-Muslims. Tours are scheduled at 10 am through the week, except Friday.

Catering to diverse fashion choices, Jumeirah has local retailers as well as international luxury brands. From roof-deck restaurants at the end of a pier to lounges with relaxing ambience to nightclubs playing foot-thumping songs, you will be spoilt for choice in Jumeirah.

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